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September, Wake Me Up When It’s Over!!

Several artist have written songs as to when they desire for this month to be over.  Ones that come to my mind are Greenday then followed by Daughtry.  For my life I can see why.  Whew!  It’s only the first of the month and it already seems so so so long….!  I think it is the desire of the hot summer days to be over soon and the cool autumn days (along with the colorful fall landscape) we have around here to come quick.  It is wanting that change we want, and the preference to have it yesterday.  After-awhile, yellow, red, orange is a welcome sight after several months of green!  Here at Rock Creek Studios, it is time to get business up and going.  Check back on our monthly blog post.

Speaking of yesterday, family and I continued to talk about a vision for the mountainside farm this month that is no longer being in use these days – well other than the removal of carbon dioxide from the air.  The list included modifying some of the property to create a music jam park to invite family and friends over from time to time.  Well, the to do list will take some time to create and complete.  Will have to see where this vision takes this end of the mountain side and the studio.

Going back further than yesterday, now that English Mountain Boys has almost gotten one of the band members out of school again for the second time (hum, guess that would be me we’re talking about), they are rehearsing again and taking bookings for 2013.  It is going to be excited to hear their bluegrass/gospel CD to be release featuring a recent live recording on songs pulled back of the shelves from 20 years ago.


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